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Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix

Horrorstor -  Grady Hendrix

This story played with your mind, engaging the not so normal way of thinking when you come upon the super-natural in this story.  A store which looks like what well known store?  The cover of the book said it all but something sinister is going on.   Haunted, something thumped and scurry on the other side of the drywall.  Immensely entertaining, how in the world the author came up with such a concept?  Obviously this author did and it works very well!  The part where Trinity was covered with drool and choked on it only to have soft white tendrils slowly unfurl, I thought I would hurl :D  I started to get nauseated reading word after word of a regurgitated state.  So descriptive which made each sentence nerve- wracking.  Amusing yet suspenseful with a tinge of horror and a whole lot of mystery but more than enough dark evilness to set your mind not-so-at-ease.  Penitentiary, where and how? The land the present day store occupies, now it's clicking together.  Excellent read and the writing flowed smoothly without any hesitation or retracting back to the beginning to figure out what just happened.  Won this book on BookLikes.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz