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Men With Broken Faces (The Great War) by James Ostby

Men With Broken Faces - Mr. James Ostby

War is such an ugly event.  James Ostby pointed out things to what is expected and unexpected when a war happens.  This book had two parts to it, prewar and post war.  The battles and recalling memories with the effects after the war.  This story takes place during WWI, Morgan goes to France to fight and from here the hardship and treacherous condition war brings out the author conveyed clearly though his narrative descriptive words.  The title is self evident and perfect for this book.  I am in awe of the drama that unfolded with a touch of romance that brings back the human side.  We cannot begin to understand what soldiers had seen or experience unless you have been there.  The author used his words to show the readers the conditions, the suffering and sorrow which I found so profound.  Writing flowed smoothly without a glitch.  Followed the story effortlessly page after page, chapter after chapter.  One more thing that captured my heart, the notes and diaries soldiers leave behind in case something happens to them, so captivating.  Won this book on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz