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Sunset at Lake Crane by Casey Hagen

— feeling amazing
Sunset At Lake Crane (The Livingston Valley Series) (Volume 1) - Casey Hagen


Erynn and Grant what a tale of secrets. The cost of it’s secret made me sad and dropped a few tears and I wanted to embrace Erynn hug her like a mother would. Grant I felt his pain just as much as Erynn, so much crap they had to endure all because, ‘ahem’ S-E-C-R-ET-S. This story exudes a roller coaster of tense emotions whether you side with Erynn or Grant. Other characters you will laugh with Kat, tough as nails and a mouth to boot but there’s a reason why but a true friend to Erynn. I laughed so hard when Avery came into the mix of things, poor Grant blindsided. Reasons to leave and a pendant of love and pain, a friend betrayal, the tide turns, it all started with a note. I read this wonderful book in two days why? I’m too curious and too anxious which is my downfall, however I loved this story, everything about it swoon me and I cried, laugh and fanned myself cool, pursed my lips and yelled the word ‘stupid.’ Great book to read and make you appreciate the person you are spending your life with, right at this very moment. So with that I recommend this splendid heartache of a romance. Whew . . . .!
I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review and this is my honest to goodness review. Oh, you know I have to get the next one.
Thank you so much.