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Fire, Fury, Faith: Winged Warriors by: Natalie Jones (author) N.D. Jones (author) Ryan Vincent Anderson (author)

Fire, Fury, Faith: Winged Warriors - N. D. Jones, Ryan Vincent Anderson, Natalie Jones

I found this story intense following angels through the end of time, through the hybrid development and thereafter.  Besides the obvious  I was privileged  to journey with Issa and Serwa.  The angels and demons enters each stage of dimensions but no matter what dimension the story made you feel the horrific effects, the HUNT.  Demon dripping with heat and evil I felt their very being, how could it be?  Aww . . . the voice of the narrator brought pictures in my mind swirling with makeshift scenes.  I truly enjoyed the whole plot and followed it with ease.  Morbid pictures fluttered but delightful ones rushed through.  Funny though when one scene heats up the other cools it down or smothered it out .  Excellent audio book, I receive a free audio book, winner Booklikes Giveaway.  Thank you!