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Rising Tide: Dark Innocence Claudette Melanson

Rising Tide: Dark Innocence (The Maura DeLuca Trilogy, #1) - Claudette Melanson

Sorry I took so long to leave a review, I must say Maura is someone I enjoyed reading about, okay there's  something strange going on, this story made me laugh and say things I cannot repeat.  The power of restrain duly noted almost funny too.  Being a teenager is stressful but add the stigma "Children Of The Night, you can already guess how good this story ended up to be.  The author wrote this tale to the delight of my paranormal fantasy and the characters were so good and quite likeable yet at times I went, 'geez whiz,' enough!  The writing flowed smoothly and moments of tension was truly felt because the writing made all the difference.   Cute,  coming of age human/vampirism story.  Wonderful read.  Thank you, I received a free book, winner Booklikes Book Giveaway.