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The Ark Of Attrition (The Ark Series #2) by Scott Kotrous

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The Ark of Attrition - Scott Kotrous



Rabid zombies and a nuclear war catapult the United States into the apocalypse. As the truth emerges about what happened, families do everything they can to survive.

A catastrophic biological terrorist attack has struck the United States, bringing about a rabies-like plague that's turning many citizens into creatures that resemble zombies. Further attacks have triggered World War III and left only the prepared and fortunate alive.

John Angelite and his family are among them as they bunker down in a hollowed-out space in the mountains, but they choose to leave their safe haven to rescue his niece Maggie and her friends.

Simon, an ex-military biologist, grapples with the question of why some zombies are faster, more aggressive, and able to adapt and survive. After a zombie bites one of his family members, Simon races tirelessly to find an answer. The military wants his secrets—supposedly to find a cure—but Simon doubts their intentions.

Soon a devastating snowstorm freezes the zombies—giving them the much-needed time they need to take action. But will it be enough, or is it already too late?

The Ark of Attrition, the second book in The Ark Series trilogy, is a suspenseful story of the fight for survival against insurmountable odds.


My Review:


This story moved swiftly eloquently action galore. Every scene was exciting and worth the read and re-read. I just could not get enough of each character in this story, all so interesting. You have the weak that proved to be strong when it comes down to the nitty gritty and you have the badass fighters or the disgusting zombies and the a-holes who prey on the weak, freeloaders. Amazing how one story addressed so many things, so many events, so many news worthy situation that unfolded in this tale, simply amazing. Phenomenal, the author included everything in his story that touched the mind of every person out there, thinking about the crisis we are facing and the worries we anticipate will happen eventually and governments myths which turned out to be true. Paranoia or truth, you choose, hmm . . . Just the inner works of each scene from Maggie’s situation and the potheads to her Uncle John and his Ark and the rescue mission to Simon and his son Peter to whom is being hunted. Things unfold and truth be told, only to be put aside because something more deadly will wreck HAVOC upon them once it warms up. Hemp for fuel, super soldier, ooh . . . there’s more to discuss so much more but it would behoove you to read it for yourself. I was so entertained with the precise breathtaking action, the search, the hunt and the attack and rescue recovery. Thank you, best read so far!!! This story can continue on because so much material to go around, especially now I gotta know. I received a free digital download in exchange for an honest review and this is my

honest review. Awesome!!! Thank you...