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The Ark Of Asylum by Scott Kotrous

The Ark of Asylum (The Ark Series #1) - Scott Kotrous
First let me tell you how much this story got my mind racing and all agitated. The adrenaline rush left me exhausted but the story exploded with so much action made me wonder, could such abomination happen? The author penned issues the world is facing today and gave scenarios of how people feel about the government but the powerful message it carried were astonishing. If this book don’t motivate you or me with the mindset of a DOOMSDAY PREPPERS than you are a lost cause. The story started slow but it had its reason, what is it you ask? Everything is in the details, oh. . . wait did I say that right? The devil is hiding in the details, okay that sounds right, duh! For this particular tale it had to be explicitly detailed to fully grasp the what and why and how. Each occurrences made me think and contemplate, either what the hell? Anti this and anti that, when the @&%# hit the fan nothing matters but to survive or if you can survive. The ‘gold’ part was way out there however the author made it happen. The beginning crept slowly than the idea of a massive project to undertake only enhance the story further to a full blown wonderment. As I reached the middle part of the book I was enveloped into its belief maybe terrorist or (?) or (?) . Not to give anything away but moving towards the end of the story, “WOW.” Geez just perfect! The last few sentences at the end, hmm . . . all it takes is one, just one and “The Book of Revelation” comes into play. The characters were exciting, some more than others, well John I call him the founder of all in this story, complex, his views (hippie) but had his strong points. Did I enjoy it, 100%. Thank you to the author for the free digital download in exchange for an honest review and this is my honest review. You are an aspiring author, indeed. Thank you!