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Cogling by Elizabeth Jordan

Cogling - Elizabeth Jordan

Coglings, gears and gadgets tick . . . tick . . .  tick . . . don't sniff it, quietly and silently whisked away to a place hidden.  Ashen skin, grey shades slowly overtaking their bodies.  Witches more like hags, yes HAGS galore, tomtars with skinny bird legs subservient.  A dreary gloomy existence, work they must, no choice in the matter either be a beggar or a harlot or a thief.  Edna forced to work at the age of fifteen no time to play or look prissy, need to help the family, the creed of the kingdom one must work  at the age of seven brother Harrison worked alongside her.  "We're not that poor yet that we have to eat garbage",  hmm . . . we have to see about that.  Things goes haywire, Coglings appears way too many of them.  Replacements for whom?  What is wrong with him, stares blankly not knowing what to do as if he never been here?  Is he sick?  Money don't come easy must save for scraps of food, save for the rent, save to survive.  Gin joint singer, laying train tracks all Edna knows  they're out there  working.  Edna takes on the responsibilities to look after Harrison.   Ike  a seventeen year old, a rag tag disheveled young man.  His eyes tells something different should I believe him, should I trust him? Trust him with my heart?  Hag blood, Ogre blood, Human blood, blood everywhere.  Magic intertwine this tale where Soot Demons bite is deadly and hooves of Nix with their quiver and bows, four legged mechanical wolves with razor sharp teeth, mechanical spies hover above scratching and scattering to report to Mother Sambucus, The Dark Mother.  "Foul human beasts, they took their charms and potions, begged for blessings, and then shunned you".  Odds bobs,I'm not a thief!  No, Edna aka Eddie is not a thief far from it, strong willed, devoted, loyal and compassionate but most of all a good sister, no wait something else is waiting.   I was truly entertained by her fighting spirit, along the way she discovers her inner demons just maybe.  Edna hides within keeping the evil at bay, but evil it might not be.   The metal gadgets of objects and metal contraptions of machinery were fascinating.  The author detail description made me feel how it looked and how it worked and how dangerous it could be and had become.  The characters were exciting, wicked and brutal, full of life.  The fighting with just the right action either minor to major gore, perfect.  The magic splendidly sizzles to cause such electricity throughout.  There were many times I thought okay Edna and Ike will be okay, 'NOT'  another round of tense moments, always running, always fighting, always dumped in the most disgusting places, ha . . . ha . . .  ha . . . just ask Lady Rachel.   Parts unnerved me, some parts exasperated me, at the same time I laughed, made a fist  and my heart squeezed so with this I must say I unequivocally enjoyed this magical steampunk read.  Thank you  to the author for  the digital download.  This is my honest review. Thank you again!  P.S. the book cover beautiful and perfect for "Cogling."