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Of High Treason by Ember Shane

Of High Treason - Ember Shane

Phenomenal highly stressed heart racing, excitable kind of read.

Zombie royalty, normal and productive member of society? Fighting the instinct to shade to royalty. Savory taste of raw flesh. Graceful, acrobatic flair leaps and bound. Faster than Coyotes, Zombie Feeding Habits 101. Who shades back to Human? Does drinking alcohol affects a royal senses? Homicidal powers now comes a butt load of responsibility. The word kill cause vivid images of a recent meal. Doyle Sean Hawthorne
tsk ... tsk...tsk, awesome zombie. Squabble with a love one, no kidding. Addy said, "I never said you couldn't t_ _ _ _ me. What I said was I don't want you t_ _ _ _ _ _ g me while you think about your ex-girlfriend.
Geez, woman there's a reason a SAFE word he uses is his ex-girlfriend name, one to remember and second, not to shade (turn all zombie like). Addy continues, "I'd rather have your blue alter ego than have you Flesh-Colored and thinking of her. Okay some adult theme but I really enjoyed the zombies thought process though.  The author chose words so intricately to convey every emotions a zombie function on. Some adult theme, Zombie do what?

Ha . . . ha . . . ha . . . quite the imagination. Colony has rules, four in all; however will he abide by them? Reflexes too fast, play nice are you ready to play nice? Would you rather be in captivity, abstinence, and starvation? Drugs and viruses,yes I will stop and leave you hanging. Get the book and see what happens to Doyle and the others, you will not be disappointed. Thank you!