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Magic Brew by T. Rae Mitchell

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Magic Brew - T. Rae Mitchell

The wide range of powerful misfit that are either pure bred or mixed bred overpowered this unique gang story. Gangs? All takes place in the vicinity of New York City, a summit of all gangs in New York will gather. but something goes terribly wrong, two separate being joins forces and havoc errupts. Got to get back to Coney Island where the 'Forsakens' home turf is safe and sacred grounds, which they control. Now the travel back to Coney (southwestern Brooklyn) right there made this story the thriller and adventure I certainly enjoyed. The abundance of characters and let me tell you I made a mental note of who and what they were and to top it off their unique abilities is mind blowing. Did I get confused at some point? Maybe a tad but I found myself so absorbed in the intensity that I dismiss that hiccup and moved on. This one particular gang called the 'Forsaken' a tight knit and uniquely bonded group of colorful characters of half breeds. You have, Djin mixed with something and this something is part of the mystery. Besides the Djin, you have various demons mixed with pixies or witches or warlocks, vampires. Japanese Oni demon, okay that really got my interest. Shadow walker, fire elemental, selkies, goblins, gnomes, so much and so good. That is not the half of it, the gangs, well . . . well . . . well . . . Deathwalkers, Wraiths, Shifters, Bonegrinders, Shamrocks, Red Dragons, Mechs, Pink Ladies, Carnies, of course I cannot leave the Bad Hat gang out of this mess and if you read the story you will know the reason why. Each gangs have gnarly abilities that you would not wish upon your worse enemies. After reading what they could do goosebumps crawled all over my arms, eek! The struggles the protaganist 'Edge' endures, being half Djin and half?. Okay what's up with the other half, the essence of this story is based on the other half of his hereditary gene. Edge knows one half of what he is but the other half will dumbfound him so much so it might change the course of events or will it? The Forsaken is a misfit of a gang but what binds them together, the pain, the banishment, the rejection and abandonment? All the above but friendship and belonging equals family. So much more to read and so much will unfold that this story will leave a smile on your face like it did to me. You will have your moments of displeasure and pleasure and you will feel their disappointment and their pain and lost, sniff . . . sniff . . . shucks the water works will happen. The author eloquently wrote with such flair and vigor to make you feel and believe and I truly did. Now I must confess I saw a movie that was made in 1979 called the 'Warriors' uncanny similarity but the difference the mythical creatures and paranormal vibes. No matter, because I was entertained. There's more to the story but I will leave it up to you to read it, I cannot write anymore on this review or else a novel of a review will be displayed. Thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to have a free ARC digital download, oh yeah I ordered my digital download when it comes out. Thank you!