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Blue Words by M.C. Edwards

Blue Words - M.C. Edwards

Splatter of blue huge white wings whipped and weaved, gaping faces of the populous.  Just uttering a word send things exploding.  Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed the action and reaction.  Warlock?  Varth-lokkr, son of a simple tamer of wayward spirits, nomadic existence.  Feeling the spirit freed from this realm using the ancient words, spirit tongue.  Learning the craft and practicing the tongue understanding the different spirits and rituals.  Okay, right here I was totally mesmerized by every word written on this page.  So captivating, very descriptive and I truly could imagine how it would look in Varth-lokkr world.  But who is Gudrik?  Hmm.... very good question indeed.  Humble beginnings as Varth-lokkr.  The mention of a Valkyrie, A Warrior's Angel also known as a Blood Angel got my antennas rising.  This tale is exciting and adrenaline pumping excitement.  Now we have Kahn, the first of Scurt's familiars, ancient spirit tongue, "trusted one."  Not knowing his birth family, a slave and stolen from his homeland, he claimed Scurt as his father because he was the first person who treated him as an equal.  Help the Warlocks, free Gudrik from the clutches of Kyran.  Fortress, people impaled on stakes, fanatical witch hunt., ugh!  I told you a lot of movement here, the story keeps building.  What I truly adore the way a word that is uttered takes on a whole new meaning,something or someone goes invisible or translucent and smoky or spikes and other diabolical things or fall through the earth.  But let me tell you, things can go south to and I mean with gills, yeah you heard right, gills underwater.  Well I guess you have to read the book to find out what I am saying.  Half Man and a wand?  Memories and echoes of words rippled away.  To create a story like this one has to have an incredible creative mind.  I know how cliche it sounds but I could not put the book down.  The many characters were intriguing and well crafted and the flow of the story moved quickly but never confused me one bit.  I followed each scene pleasantly and I was entertained all the way till I reached the end.  Thank you for entertaining me,I can't stop saying entertain ;-)  I received a free copy from bookLikes Giveaway.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz