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Vardin Village by: Maggie Spence

Vardin Village - Maggie Spence

I enjoyed this story very much. Just reading it brought a sense of humanity.  Sixteen year old George and his sister had to fend for themselves because mom although she works so they thought, her spare time is spent at the bar.  I could feel his shame and his protectiveness for his family and their quaint cottage which they call home.  There's a story behind that cottage and a history that involves George's family.  I felt how his responsibilities overshadowed his own happiness of being a normal teen.  What I absolutely found that is heartwarming, the other characters.  A group of people who knew George's family and set out to right a wrong and to help the brother and sister to stay together.  Stability, yes George and his sister Eleanor desperately need, "stability."  One person I felt totally at ease with was Uncle Morris.   His love and commitment to George and Eleanor is duly noted, the wildest thing is Uncle Morris is not a blood relative.  Wonderful read and one that will capture your heart.  Easy to follow and writing style truly voiced.  I won this book on BOOKLIKES giveaway.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz