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The Search for the Stone of Excalibur: Book Two - The Chronicles of the Stone by Fiona Ingram

The Search for the Stone of Excalibur: Book Two - The Chronicles of the Stone - Fiona Ingram


Amazingly adventurous quest with cousins Adam and Justin, trampling throughout the story and of all places of wonder, "Scotland." Three youngsters on a trip and quest of a lifetime to find The Second Stone of Power and the Scroll of the Ancients. I had read the first book, "The Secret of the Sacred Scarab," and I was not disappointed so I knew this book would be something to talk about and I was correct. Pure enjoyment! But wait something changes here, someone joins the duo. Will it change their plans? Who will save the world now? Who is the chosen one? Okay, Eaters of Poison? What? The adventure gets dicey but filled with legendary mysteries. I really enjoyed the who, what, when and where or do you call it clues? The author got me all antsy and excited following the clues. Page after page of exhilaration. What an imagination mixing in Scotland and the legendary King Arthur and the sword, "Excalibur." The author vibrantly explored the ancient tale and made it her own which evidently made this story the more enchanting. The first book of this exciting series, The Secret of the Sacred Scarab leaked into this second book, The Search for the Stone of Excalibur. I am glad it did because it painted a more vivid picture. The amazing beauty of this fascinating quest to find the second stone of power will take you flying in an airplane, riding on a train and breathing in brown dust? Read the story to find out about what and who is leaving a trail of brown dust in this story. No doubt the author's writing ability is convincing and a pure joy to read and follow. The story never disappoint and I am glad she continues to churn out wonderful stories. So much detailed events about history past and one in particular King Authur and his sword 'Excalibur.' I felt I was given a history lesson which is great, if this author was my history teacher you can bet straight A's would have blanketed my report card. I received a free digital download in exchange for an honest review through, "The Mother & Daughter Book Reviews. Thank you, Darlene Cruz