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Sadie Palmer 4 Book Set (Amish Romance) (Amish Love Of A Lifetime)

Sadie Palmer 4 Book Set (Amish Romance) (Amish Love Of A Lifetime 0) - Sadie Palmer

Amish Love Of A Lifetime:


Awe-inspiring tale, I understood the dynamic of feeling out of place, finding your place, finding your significant other, awkward stages of growing up, adolescence, independence, courting, relationships, marriage and children, let's not forget death.  But wait the empty nest syndrome and reigniting a romance that was pushed aside because of raising a family and trial and tribulation that goes with it.  The author captured all the essence of emotions of someone who faced all this challenges, I know I was an emotional wreck reading it  You got me babbling like a baby, actually crying.  Tears leaked from the corner of my eye trying desperately to wipe the watery goo before my husband could see it,

ahh. . . too late!  I felt dear Rebecca and Isaac relationship 'is' and 'was' as strong that most of us as human beings will ever experience or could relate too.  It doesn't matter what culture, religion, ethnicity, color of your skin,nationality, we are humans and we want to be accepted, we want love, we want companionship, we want romance, we want a family to love and nurture.  When the time comes for marriage and children we want stability and happiness.  As a parent you want it more for your children, more than anything.  But who do we turn to when all fails?  Do you turn to God (Gott)?  Can your faith stand the test of time?  Do you pray when there is good in your lives, not only when you come upon hardship?  Rebecca and Isaac's story tested their strength and their faith.  Their friendship started when Isaac was a mere five year old and Rebecca was four years old.  The story followed the age of Rebecca and I'm not telling how far unless you read the other reviews.  It is worth reading for yourself.  When Isaac had no friends and talk with a lisp and stuttered, Rebecca saw Isaac for who he was, Isaac.  She didn't care about his lisp or that he stuttered, she saw a friend.  Isaac was ecstatic to have a friend like Rebecca who accepted him with his faults, even though she talks a mile a minute.  This story covered all the downfalls and blessings and challenges of Isaac and Rebecca, like the title of the story,"Amish Love Of A Lifetime."

The author wrote a story so compelling yet simple but packed a whole lot of drama, not in your face drama but 'LIFE' plain and simple.  I could so relate to this book and like I said before we are different in the eyes of ourselves but we are the same when it comes to love and family and our faith in God (no matter what denomination).  Excellent read and I am a fan.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful book.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz


The Buggy News (Amish Romance) (Amish Love Of A Lifetime Book 2)


This story deals with Samantha daughter and eldest child of Isaac and Rebecca Schuster, the characters from Amish Of A Lifetime.  Here Samantha's life unfolds, a waitress with a broken heart.  She is reminded of the breakup every tie Samantha goes to work, why?  Her ex works in the same restaurant, but now he claimed another and coincidentally his new girlfriend works at the same place.  Seems like a revolving door, one guy takes you on a buggy ride and he gets tired of you the next thing he attached himself to someone else.  It's slim picking when you reach a certain age all but the old age of 23, hmm.....Employed Amish girls have dreams of meeting their significant others and when they do, marriage follows and they have a boppli or two or ore and employment is the thing of the past for the women.  But here Samantha's journey finding a husband and on that journey she change jobs.  Thank goodness for that!  At the new place of employment she encounters so many changes, so many avenues opens up for her career and self-esteem and independence.  Now what will she do?  Amish men are the breadwinners of the family, is the dynamics changing here?  Samantha befriends a stern unlucky in the love Amish woman who runs her company with a tight fist.  Breaking the stereotype made her that, it was sad to read about.  With all this going on Samantha's squeezed in hopes of finding her significant other.  The one thing I strongly got fro this story Samantha's faith in Gott.  She turned herself over to Gott and she built a relationship with him.  Samantha never fail to acknowledge him in her life.  Her optimism that Gott will hear your prayers and the faith she instills in her heart is admirable.  All others faith falters while Samantha strongly held on to hers.  The author's writing style is straightforward which made it easy to understand.  The pace moved briskly throughout the book.  I was on pins and needles wondering when her knight in shining armor will grace us with his presence, if any.  Pleasantly humble read.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz


The Buggy News 2 (Amish Romance) (Amish Love Of A Lifetime Book 3)


Samantha and Joshua standing the test of time when it comes to their relationship.  Working together at the Buggy News could be a very big test.  Could to much closeness hamper a relationship?  Their boss Emma, daughter of the founder of the Buggy News Company now runs the business after her father retired.  She runs it with an iron fist and like an well oiled machine.  Why?  It is expected of her, not her sister but Emma the eldest.  Unexpected "ex" turns up and who might that be?  Tension thought to be love signals only to squash the advancement.  I thought it was hilarious, humiliating but funny.  What I found in the last two stories, including this one, the message of faith and trust in Gott.  Letting the past go and open your heart again to love, trust in Gott and ask for guidance.  Did Emma finally trust her heart to someone?  Does Joshua and Rebecca commit their hearts to each other?  This is the third installment of Amish Romance I read of this author, Sadie Palmer.  How do I feel about this story?  You can absolutely feel the characters tension and their worries which brings up the tension.  Each character of the story was a joy to read about, some more than others.  Giving a review requires no emotional ties but I am different I read with emotions and that emotion guides my thoughts to what I truly will write down in my review.  I adore the stories, the characters and the author Sadie Palmer's writing style.  The flow of the story moved me, mindfully yet thoughtful too.  Thank you for a wonderful and joyful read again, now on with book 4, "Amish Christmas Love Of A Lifetime."


Amish Christmas Of A Lifetime (Amish Romance) (Amish Love Of A Lifetime Book 4)


Heartbreaks, picking up the pieces moving on and opening our heart up to Gott for guidance.  Love, all the trappings and failures but also the bliss of finding it.  Here is a story of Abraham the second child and only boy of Isaac and Rebecca.  Couldn't wait to spread his wings and move to Florida.  Two years in the making a thousand miles away from his home of Pennsylvania.  You guessed it,boy meets girl next comes buggy ride and love,hopefully.  Girl leaves boy for another, now either boy leaves girl or girl leaves boy.  It's a vicious cycle out there in the love department, just ask the women in the quilt circle in an Amish town.  Just kidding,I thought it was funny when Abraham tries to keep his life problems to himself only to have it expose out in the community because of his mom's affiliation with the quilt circle, yep,women and their gossips, I stand corrected, "town news."  Did Abraham find the love of his life?  Life threw him a curve ball but the motto to the story, you bounce back and maybe the wiser.  The author managed to express what happens when you are shunned by their own family.  Also showed the side how sometimes a child will seek that independence and no plans of looking back even though it means losing their family.  Amish have the same pitfalls with their children, raging hormones and just holding on to the fabric of their upbringing.  By the grace of God the children will turn to and choose right.  Vulnerability, guilt, memories, devotion and peace.  You get the gist of Abraham's journey and discovery.  So to end this long review, the author did an excellent job writing so eloquently and kept me reading with interest.  No re-reading a page,just moving briskly forward page after page.  This is a set containing four wonderful stories which I enjoyed.  My eyes are open to a lot and I'm talking about how I view the Amish lives, with respect.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz, oh thank you Sadie Palmer and thank you to Becca Fisher for guiding me to Sadie.