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Yoder Family Amish Restaurant (Amish Romance) by Becca Fisher

Yoder Family Amish Restaurant (Amish Romance)  - Becca Fisher

Breath of fresh air, simplicity at best.  Such a delightful story of finding your way in life and keeping your faith intact.  Young love and the fickle sate created because of young and in love.  the author gave each character a strong presence, either you like them or you roll your eyes up.  Guess who deserve the eye roll?  David, his arrogance and flirty ways, oh by the way there's two Davids in this story so try to find which one I'm talking about?  The story involves Sadie the waitress looking for love.  She endures couple of failed love attempts; boyfriend falls out of love with her and another one deciding if she can take his mind off his ex-girlfriend and the other one with the roving eyes.  Someone picks up the pieces of each broken dream Sadie festers up and who might that be?  Trevor always lending an ear, strong in his faith.  Now if I keep tattling the tale this won't be a review, now would it?  I had to say this, I was reminded of a series called Little House on the Prairie.  What I truly enjoyed the most,CLEAN READ.  I was not bored, only immensely entertained.  Even though Sadie is the protagonist I found Trevor endearing.  His words of encouragement, love for God and the power of positive thinking.  You know if all fails pick yourself up and move on!  The author's writing style, Perfect!  The fluency of the story flowed effortlessly just waiting and wondering what Sadie will do next and if her wish will come true.  Thank you, received a free digital download.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz