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Kid Presidents True Tales of Childhood from America's Presidents by David Stabler

Kid Presidents: True Tales of Childhood from America's Presidents - David Stabler

Extraordinary kid presidents, enjoyably witty, humorous but also sad and legendary.  Our presidents detailed childhood, quirky upbringing?  Ether hardships, bullying, prankster, privileged, competing for attention or status quo in the family, this book spins all the childlhood tales of our presidents.  Ulysses Grant love for horses at age nine was hired to break unruly colts because of his talent to train them. Theodore Roosevelt grew up in a wealthy family, his curiosity and collection of animal bones and skulls to their skins intrigued him.  His desire to be the youngest zoologist in the making. Teedie (his nickname) had a traveling taxidermy lab before the age of eleven.   George W. Bush has a massive collection of baseball card.  You know he could recite the starting lineups of every Major League team from memory?  Andrew Jackson grudge against the British stems from being captive and imprisoned by the British.  Andrew at the age of thirteen, both him and his brother Robert enlisted in the miltia to avenge his older brother's death, later both brothers were caught and imprisoned.  Can you believe it, age thirteen joining the militia?

So many stories, President George Washington to John F. Kennedy and our present President Barack Obama. Ronald Reagan couldn't see straight, he was legally blind, did you know that?  Lyndon Johnson was a class clown and Dwight Eisenhower was bullied by a goose on his uncle's farm.  I enjoyed the illustration that accompanied this book, especially the part where Gerald Ford would blow his top, the top of his head shoots out like an atom bomb went off.  Why?  He was known to have the worst temper in his neighborhood.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, pleasant read and delightful stories.  We tend to forget our presidents were children, they were teased, bullied, punched and kicked.  Some had to grow up really fast and assume adult responsibilities, their childhood had stopped. It was nice to know they were humans after all before the politics.  It is a nice read for children to read or to be read too.  I won this book on BookLikes and I thank you!  Thank you, Darlene Cruz