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Mytro - John Biggs

Intensely vivid enjoyable read to take your mind to a fantastical place, where you ask?  A secret subway, under ground train that runs under New York and around the world the world.  A boy and girl from two different continent collide in this under ground train of fantasy, wonderful read for young adult and young at heart.  The author's narrative and characters so believable.  Nate and Nick, the twins and Paul aka Turtle riding a secret train and guess who they bump into?  Agata Llorente from Barcelona.  Then it begins, kidnapping, men with dark clothes, bullet whizzing by.  Wonderful history lessons WWII, Old town of Prague and Barcelona and more.  I have to catch up on my Spanish, where's that dictionary?  The Germans were near to finding a station in Dresden, ugh!  Mytro has a mind of it's own, it opens itself up only to certain groups and individuals, allowing them to discover it in it's time of need.  Wow, a short story that carried a wallop of adventure and mystery.  The writing superb and characters, you know just perfect for this story.  The author wrote with such finesse that I actually believe maybe just maybe under those tunnels?  Won this book on BookLikes and I thank you, Darlene Cruz