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Don't Talk to Strangers by Amanda Kyle Williams

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Don't Talk to Strangers (Keye Street #3) - Amanda Kyle Williams

Fast paced story with a bundle of suspenseful thrill added to its crime drama.  The author managed to have ex-FBI female profiler with smarts and a long list of experiences become the the heroine in this story.  No one is perfect and her past, well let's just say needed to be polished.  The cast of characters are colorful which made the story tantalizing and very interesting.  But the seriousness of the subjects in hand was no laughing matter.  Series of child abductions, rape and murder with a seriously deranged and unbalanced killer on the loose.  Keye, the protagonist (ex-FBI female profiler) played such a good role in this book with action galore.  A local county sheriff office hired key's to assist with two murders i their Georgia county of Whisper.  Believe you not the local authorities were not the happy campers to that fact, even the town's people.  Duh!  Female and Asian now you know where this is going?  So now she has to work harder and prove she is more than competent to take them all on.  Boy, the anticipation and tension fluttered throughout the story which got me so anxious.  The author managed to write a clear path to all the emotions you should feel reading this kind of who done it kind of thriller mystery.  Awesome plot, I found myself thinking and wondering, always second guessing my way of thinking.  The author caused the doubt in my head which is why this book is awesome.  Oh, you cannot leave out a bit of an attraction here with Key and Sheriff Ken Meltzer.  Isn't it funny how a serious drama needs a bit of a distraction to an, "Aha" moment.  Fantastic read!  Won this book on Goodreads, First Read Giveaway.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz