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Take One With You by Oak Anderson

Take One With You - Oak Anderson

Well, well what do we have here T.O.W.Y?  A story so intense made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, hmm.......I was caught completely off guard, did not know where this story was going.  The beginning tale I thought, okay a prison story and the pitfall of it but wait, enters ClairBear, oops I was wrong.  Disgusting yet intriguing turn of events.  Two people caused this mess, Charlie and Sarah.  How you might ask?  Well read the book!  Several tales were told but all tied into T.O.W.Y.  Charlie and Sarah created a site via information highway that caught on like wildfires.  Many people connected on the T.O.W.Y site, now a plan was formed and it was time to execute the plan of TAKE-ONE-WITH-YOU. Revenge enters their mind now T.O.W.Y appeals to them.  Why?  To stop the pain, deep rotted emotional pain, but it comes with a price?  If you haven't figured it out, you got to read the book to understand it.  A morbid intriguing mystery thriller love me or not take me as I am story.  So much going on but I followed it with ease.  Excellent story, what a book :)  Free ebook for review on Goodreads.  Thank you