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Jim Musgrave Forevermore by Jim Musgrave

Forevermore (Pat O'Malley Mysteries) (Volume 1) - Jim Musgrave

What a wonderful tale indeed.  Searching for the truth into Edgar Allan Poe's death.  Amazing how his search took us on a ride that connected us with famous writers also infamous ones.  His descriptive narrative got me to picture how dark yet lively it was in that time period.  A bit of truth mixed with made up 'what if' blended this story so believable that either helped solve Poe's death or just left us again, who did it?  So easy to understand since I got the audio book.  The eerie voice reading this book to me was PERFECT!  Musgrave did such a terrific job reconstructing Edgar Allan Poe's step as how a mystery thriller should be.  I found it so gripping, yet funny and disturbing with admiration.  Some plausible reasoning as the story goes which entertained me.  I got a bit sidetrack from time to time trying to grasp and understand where and what and who?  But it's probably my doing.  All in all wonderful read and it surprised me because that time period usually leaves me yawning but not with this book, oh forgot, audio book :)  If you enjoy a great read that keeps you wanting more, get this one it's a keeper!  Won this book on BookLikes.   Thank you