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Chuggie and The Prisoner Gods by Brent Michael Kelley

Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods (Mischief Mayhem Want and Woe) (Volume 3) - Brent Michael Kelley

A tale of mischief, mayhem, want and woe, that's an understatement!  Chuggie the protagonist or is it Norchug Mot Losiat?  No wait a plague?  Wait a minute booze, now we are talking.  Chuggie in a stupor, don't count him out because his wit is sharp and the vulgarity that rolls off his tongue is like @$#+@%&  in the wind.  Okay, first off when I began to read the story I was a bit confused, strange though I thought to myself.  Curiosity got me moving forward but the 'words' and spelling of the 'word'  caused a fit of laughter.  Scenes dreary and gloomy a world of blood and bones, just plain madness.  Still laughter surrounds the way the characters talk.  Besides Chuggie you have red-haired blade worshipper Fey Voletta, Hunched back Borjo, Araza Loshe a Slaughterheart, Dundro, Squip, Neyret and more.  Many towns and characters, creatures and monsters, did I mention dimensions?  And still Chuggie chugged down his ever loving fire water of some sort.  There's a reason behind that thirst though, you just need to get the book to find out.  Over sized metal creature-thing and a convenant drawn infiltration. So much to read, so much to absorb.  This story tantalize my senses to no end.  The genre pulled at my imagination, especially one part, " Blood-Self-Servant Of Glughu-A Virgin."  A gateway to another dimension is never pleasant and this gateway in this story beats them all.  I will stop here and just tell you I really enjoyed the story and plot.  Found myself questionably asking myself, "What the hell?"   Laughing at their response and bantering.  Picture the many behind the scene events, that's the key word there.  Once you can picture the characters and scenes in your mind the rest will naturally open up.  I do have a wild imagination, it's a gift.  I applaude the author's writing skills and style, you kept me reading until the very end.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz