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 The Rule of Three  - Katerina Martinez

Amber .....a tough Wiccan Witch or is she?  A witch?  Incantation, Gremlin, cauldron, wait wrong person.  Amber faces the unknown, well not so unknown it manifested into demons, inhumanly strong hooded men, possession, blackened mass, ghostly white skin and almost purple lips.  Three friends, no wait four friends Frank, Damien, Eliza and Aaron, but exclude Aaron and you have four witches including Amber in the mix.  Satanic iconography, pentagrams, odd runes, horned beasts an unholy mess but hooded robed priest and their holy lady name Linezka.  Quite interesting isn't it?  I was taken on a wild ride, first moving slowly and inched its way to a climax, so befitting for this book.  The plot got me guessing and enjoying how wrong I was to jump to a conclusion.  Someone wanted to gauge Amber's strength, why?  A witch with so much power and strength yet where does the witch, the demon and the wolf comes into this power and strength?  Priest on the hunt for Amber, not your everyday kind of priest too, remember hooded with ghostly white skin and undeniable inhuman strength.  Aha!  You need to get the book and read it for yourself.  So entertaining of a paranormal read.  I was satisfied because this story had everything to engage your curiosity when witches and unknown ghastly masses overshadow the plot.  Then someone enters Amber life again, Aaron, ragged and dishevel.  Now here you have Aaron, is he possessed or is he going through something unknown?  Yeah, read the story to find out, why?  You are in for a treat my friend.  All I can tell you Amber pulsate with telekinetic powers, she flips those fingers and "B-A-M." bolts of light flies off her fingers.  How cool is that?  Okay there's more to this story but I will stop here and let my review sink in.  I thoroughly enjoyed this intensely mystifying mystical of a read and look forward to reading more from this author.  Writing skills, she kept me reading, do I have to say more?  Awesome!!!  Thank you, Darlene Cruz. 

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