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Last Chance (DarkWorld: SkinWalker series) #3 by T.G. Ayer

Last Chance (DarkWorld: SkinWalker Book 3) - T.G. Ayer

Here's the thing I chose this Blitz & Blog Tour because when I saw the cover of the books and the excerpt plus a chance to read all three for free and in return I have to give my honest review and post my review it's a win win situation.  Now I am a fan of T.G. Ayer and this DarkWorld: SkinWalker series, absolutely thrilling with the right amount of action, drama, thrill and paranormal phenomena, aww...tantalizing read for the mind.  So with that, here's my review of LAST CHANCE, Kailin the panther/walker, wait half human half panther, no wait . . .Niamh or a Wraith Hunter?  Which is it?  Tears, regrets, farewell and reminiscing, just letting go, "So many times I pushed you away, yet you still came to help me.  I didn't deserve you . . . Did Kailin fail?  Fate?  Sister rivalry, Kailin's thought, "Why does everything that goes on in my head have to be so darned complicated?"  "Because your name is Kailin Odel," said Saleem the gorgeous tattoo Death-Talker Djinn and Kailin's partner in crime when they entered the Greylands to rescue her sister Greer.  Now what Alpha desires Kailin?  Hopefully I will see this Alpha more in the upcoming books, he will definitely stir the pot or can Kailin and Logan's relationship within stand such a threat?  Is it a threat?  Hmm... it might be especially with those alluring honey eyes and sparks of heat racing up and down?  On to business at hand, Kailin need to rescue her mother and  Angelo, where?  Wrythiin, a world of Wraith.  The author's writing created so much empathy followed by doubts and desire and anticipation.  Next self confidence only to lash out by rage and power, this book pretty much exhausted me which is a good thing.  Funny all I did was read this book.  I thought it was funny though, such a creative mind to creative writing cuased this reaction.  Kailin weapon check, special ammo to kill wraiths and demons who can develop such weapons and ammo?  You guess it, Tara a Metal-singer, an Ethereal (Elemental Fae) with the ability to manipulate any solid substance with her mind.  Tara must divulge something important to Kailin, this news will probably change thngs, what could it be?  Truth be told, Kailin's mother is the first Hunter and the family genes, SkinWalker bloodline, Uncle Niko and sister Greer are Pariahs.  Questions about Pariah not able to change, feeling like it was a defect and treated like it was, will be investigated.  All this weighed heavily on Kailin. 

Kailin enters Wrythiin, who accompanied Kailin?  Second side kick since the first side kick need to be rescued?  This person becomes confident and quite the shooter under the tutelage of Kailin plus dibs on the first side kick, "Angelo."  Kailin meets Illyria kicking her butt in the tunnels almost sending Illyria off to la..la..land, but wait something stops Kailin.  Someone appears and left her shocked.  Physically changed and physically "hot," drool worthy.  I laughed heartily when Kailin ogled the drool worthy specimen :D  I found the story heating up with so much anxious moments and disappointments, distrust, mixed signals and loyalties.  Plans are thwarted but it's not due to Kailin's lack of trying just someone is undermining the rescue.  Now the turn of events will have a bunch of twist and turns and action.  As the story reveal what I felt was suppose to happen but "touche" it did a complete turn around.  The real culprit revealed and yet one more bit of surprise added at the end, ha . . ha . . ha . .What a great twist of event.  It worked out quite well.  I read all three DarkWorld:  SkinWalker stories, the first lead up to the excitement distinguishing the diverse group of Walkers and Kailin's hunt for Wraiths.  Let's not forget the infiltration of drugs.  The second story was action packed from beginning to end and into two planes Wrythiin to rescue Angelo and Greylands to find Greer.  Kailin kicking Demon butts with such precision I was truly entertained.  The third (LAST CHANCE) action, yes; but contained the answers to a lot of questions in book one and two.  She goes to Wrythiin to rescue her mother and Angelo.  So much more to this story but I will leave it up to you to get the book and read it for yourself, you will not regret it.  I thoroughly enjoyed all three stories, #1 Skin Deep; #2 Lost Soul; #3 Last Chance.  Exceptional writing and the fluency of flow spot on?  Thank you for such a thrill of the paranormal phenomena.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz