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The Reckoning by Rennie Airth

The Reckoning: A John Madden Mystery - Rennie Airth

Review limited due to Advance Uncorrected Proofs:


A well plotted vengeful suspense story during the postwar of Great Britain.  The story spans early 1920's and just after WWII.  I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of mystery, you know the whole Scotland Yard, Inspectors, Constable and murders-yet-to-be-solved kind of thing.  I found the author building up each character as you turn page after page which entail a cumbersome effect.  I got a bit side track trying to distinguish what characters did what.  Maybe it was my fault for not reading the other books but the novel should stand alone.  However I chalk it up as a glitch and I soon immersed myself back into it.  All in all the story grabs you into a world of intrigue that shifts your thoughts to war and the horror of it.  The scenic parts of Britain held me transfixed details so captivating.  Wonderful atmospheric quality I must say, even though I had a glitch.  Highly recommend this read.  I won this book on Goodreads,First Read Giveaway.  Thank you, Darlene Cruz